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Jungle Dirt Premium Potting Soil has been used in many different applications for all types of gardeners, including professionals and beginners. Jungle Dirt Premium Potting Soil has been used for everything from Residential Vegetable Gardens in Northern California to Commercial Farms in the Central Valley of California.

Jungle Dirt Potting Soil Resources

Here at Jungle Dirt, we have spent years researching what makes the best soil for your plants, and we are not too shy to say that we have figured out the secret recipe for the best gardening soil out there! With a combination of essential nutrients, microbiology, and the perfect ratio of moisture retention and air flow, Jungle Dirt Soil has helped many gardeners grow their plants bigger and healthier than they ever thought possible. Try it out and see the results for yourself! You will get bigger plants, better fruit, healthier flowers, and even fewer problems with fungus and pests due to our unique formula here at Jungle Dirt. You can see benefits from Jungle Soil in:

  • Potting soil
  • Gardening soil
  • Growing soil
  • All your bulk soil needs

Container gardening

For potting soil, Jungle Dirt Soil is absolutely essential. When you do container gardening, it is easy to end up with depleted soil simply because the soil is not connected to anything else. There is no way for earthworms to get into your container to help increase the nutrient content of the soil. Even with watering, containers tend to dry out faster than garden soil. With all these factors, it is easy to see why plants in containers need a little extra TLC. Putting in soil amendments is great, but it is even better to start with a really great potting soil like Jungle Dirt Soil so you know your plants are going to get all the nutrients they need, and that they will have a healthy microbiome to help them grow.

Outdoor gardening

Out in the garden, it is also so important to always be working to improve your soil. A lot of our topsoil in the US has been depleted through mass farming, and conventional fertilizers have actually contributed to destroying the top soil by harming the microbiology of the soil. In fact, it’s really the bacteria and fungi that make the soil rich and that put the nutrients into a form that the plants can use. You need soil that isn’t too heavy or compacted, so that air can get down to the plants’ roots; you need soil that has plenty of organic matter to hold moisture; you need soil that is nutrient-rich so your plants will grow healthy; and you need soil that has a healthy level of beneficial bacteria and fungi. It all works together in a system, so you need a soil amendment that will help on all levels, not just one that will fix a single problem but ignore the whole system.

Here at Jungle Dirt, we specialize in soil amendments for all different kinds of soil and all different kinds of plants. Whether your soil is too damp, too dry, has too much clay or too much sand, a great gardening soil will help to repair your soil and give your plants something healthy to grow in.

Bulk soil

Sometimes – in fact, most of the time – a bag or two of grow soil just isn’t going to be enough to make a difference in a large garden. We do bulk soil deliveries here at Jungle Dirt so you can get your garden up and functioning the way it needs to be, all at once with no extra hassle. Just give us a call to set up your bulk soil order and we will get you taken care of!

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