Jungle Dirt: Monster Growth!

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Eight years ago when I first started gardening, I would purchase potting soil and basically it was just finely sifted black dirt. I had no idea of the importance of using a premium soil. I believed in the whole “green thumb” theory and just thought I needed more experience with raised bed gardening.  Yet, year after year, my results were the same, minimal plant growth with small vegetables, if any at all.  My soil was not draining properly and I blamed my inexperience in not being able to figure out the right amount of water, so it lead to all sorts of troubles, like rot, bacteria and fungus in the soil, which in turn would not allow the roots to grow and spread, ultimately inhibiting plant growth.

Upgraded my soil and purchased Jungle Dirt

So this year, I decided to upgrade my soil and purchased Jungle Dirt and the results have been incredible. Had I known that the key to a beautiful garden was the soil, I would have made the investment from the start.  It is extremely important to have good drainage when you are using pots or raised bed gardens.  Every day I can see measurable growth and my vegetables are vibrant and enormous.  I have not had to add anything to the soil, just water.  The first picture below was taken March 24th and the second picture was taken April 15th, three weeks later showing the phenomenal results, I am extremely happy with Jungle Dirt!



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